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Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing

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Sarasota School of Faux & Archtectural Finishing, Licensed Faux Effects Training & Distribution Studio
Donna Phelps, Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
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Professional Faux & Decorative Finishing for your home or office by Donna Phelps of Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing is located in Beautiful Sarasota, FL home of Ringling Museum and Home and beautiful beaches!
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 Faux Effects Silver Label Products 

Faux Effects® Silver products are a complete line of water based products from primers to topcoats engineered to work with ordinary latex paints. The Silver line includes a large variety of easy to use faux finishing products that includes glazes, crackles, stains, and stone to produce a wide range of finishes from the organic and natural look of faux stone and wood, to bricks and blocks, to stria's and simple to produce realistic marbles, to some of the hottest decorative and artistic finishes on the market today. These advanced technology products provide slower drying times and maximum workability, allowing you to achieve consistently spectacular results every time with ease and in far less time using these professional grade products! And their water based formulation ensures easy cleanup and environmental friendliness. Faux Effects® Silver products are not restricted in availability and may be purchases by all.

Silver Product Information


Our world famous AquaGlaze® is a slow drying, semi-opaque glazing medium which allows extra drying time for decorative finishing. Simply add 100% acrylic latex paint for hundreds of glazing colors.

AquaCreme is a clear glazing creme added to artist's colors for translucent effects. For superior transparency, add to our FauxCreme® Color for marbling, glazing, wood-graining, and other artwork.


AquaCreme Low Viscosity builds on the superb qualities of AquaCreme® but adds even more open time for executing complex woodgrains, marbles, and other translucent finishes.


AquaExtender® (Master Extender) is a clear additive to increase "open time" of AquaCreme® and AquaGlaze®. Especially helpful in very dry environments or when time-consuming manipulation of layers is involved.

SoSlow Super Extender®, an additive that greatly slows the drying time of water-based finishing products, allows finishers and decorative artists to maximize control of open time to create a broad range of effects over a desired period of time.


AquaCrackle®  is a water-based, 2-part furniture quality crackle system. You can produce small to giant "California" cracks. Simply brush, roll, or spray over AquaSize®.


CrackleMate® is a clear additive used in SetCoat®, FauxCreme®Color, or latex paint which allows you to create unlimited custom crackle colors and effects. CrackleMate® is one part of a two part system and must be applied over AquaSize®.


AquaSize® is the basecoat sizing "glue" material used in the 2-part CrackleMate® and AquaCrackle® systems. We recommend applying with a disposable foam brush, but for larger areas it can be rolled or sprayed.


AquaGard® (DuraSheen) is a water-based, non-yellowing varnish which provides a furniture quality finish. Rub between coats for a piano-like finish.


AquaThane® (DuraGard) is a co-polymer urethane designed for a tough, hard, anti-yellowing finish coat. Use on cabinets, floors, tabletops-anywhere a superior, tough, chemical resistant surface is required.


C-500 UrethaneTM is a commercial quality, water based, clear topcoat manufactured by Faux Effects® for use in water-wet conditions or where maximum durability is desired.


ColorSealTM is a clear easy to use topcoat with very low non-aggressive co-solvents in its chemical makeup.


AquaWax® is a finishing material that is reminiscent of an Old World wax-coated wall, both in look and feel. Just rub or trowel on and buff. May be tinted with FauxCreme®Color? . Excellent for sophisticated stenciling and can be painted over without removing.


Aqua Finishing Paste® is a clear, easy-to-use topcoat paste made for Stain & Seal®, but serves as a general topcoat as well. Provides a hard, satin finish coat. Apply as many layers as you desire with cheesecloth and buff in between coats.


FauxCreme®Color (AquaColor) These acrylic, non-fading colors are artist quality tinting mediums recommended for maximum translucence with AquaCreme.


FauxCreme®Color-Hi-Lites (AquaColor         Irridescent) are beautifully high reflective colors with iridescent sheens.



SuperCréme® Artist Colors are specially formulated, finely ground color pigments blended into a very special acrylic medium.

Designer Metallics® are magnificent shades of rich, reflective metallic color sheens. Available in 10 designer shades, in both smooth and soft-textured, can also be layered for custom coloring. 
Dutch Metals® (Master Dutch Metals) are "jewelers' quality" Old World metallics made for an easy-to-apply leafing effect. 
FauxMetal® is a heavily concentrated metallic paint that covers in one easy coat and resists tarnishing even when clear coated with a water-based product.
MetalGlow®, a shimmering metallic paint that radiates designer quality in 67 rich, opulent colors. Apply MetalGlow® to walls, furniture and accessories to create a stylish, one-of -a-kind look that everyone will want to copy. 

SetCoat® (AquaBond) is a specially formulated emulsion basecoat system. SetCoat® provides superior bonding qualities, allows for more open time when used under glazing mediums and bonds to counter-tops, floors, and even concrete.

SetCoat® Clear (AquaSeal) is a super-clear seal coat which turns any flat latex paint coat into an exceptional basecoat for decorative finishing. Sealing with SetCoat® Clear (or SetCoat®) gives more open time for glazing.


TextureFil® is a time saving fill-in acrylic formulation that allows the user to smooth-out textured surfaces. No primer or SetCoat® is required prior to or after its application

AquaStone® (FauxTex) is a real stone textured material made from marble dust. Perfect for creating faux stone, limestone, adobe textures, and dimensional stencil patterns. Color wash with FauxCreme®Color and AquaCreme?® glaze combinations.
LusterStone® is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating, which produces a number of beautiful dimensional but smooth finishes.

LusterSuede® is a revolutionary, new architectural coating that produces beautiful reflective suede-like patterns.


Old World Texture Fresco® (AquaTex) reproduces that Old World "Fresco Look" on walls. It is a plaster-like clear material that can be tinted with FauxCreme®Color.

Palette Deco® is a paste like, very durable finishing product needing no topcoat. It is available in a variety of colors, including metallics and pearlescents, which have excellent reflectability when dry.

PlasterTex® is a specially formulated Venetian Plaster base coat to use when a more textured plaster effect is desired. Apply multiple layers for a smoother finish. Polish or burnish to a sheen.

SandStone® is a decorating material designed to be applied over most all old painted surfaces or new drywall. The end result is a "sandy" texture that can be scraped or sanded to bring out the embedded textures hidden within. 
SofTex® is an easy to use soft textured product used to create a variety of cloth or fabric finishes. This unique material produces finishes with not only the look of fabric, but the FEEL as well!

StucoLux®, a light weight, buttery smooth, fast-drying, high sheen, mineral-based plaster available in a variety of Pre-tinted colors, Metallics and Hi-Lites.

StucoLux® Fine Polishing is a decorative, easy polishing mineral-based plaster. A creamy, smooth material, it glides on easily across any substrate. StucoLux? has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish.
StucoLux® Hi-Lite is a decorative, easy polishing mineral and mica-based plaster. A creamy, smooth material, it glides on easily acrossany substrate; StucoLux? Hi-Lite has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful bright metallic iridescent finish.
LimeLux® A special decorative, easy polishing lime and mineral-based plaster. This creamy, smooth material glides on easily across any substrate. LimeLux? has excellent durability.

StucoLux® Marmorino is a decorative, easy soft sheen polishing mineral based plaster. A creamy, fine sandy but smooth material, it glides on easily across any substrate. StucoLux? Marmorino has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish.


StucoLux® Metallic is a decorative, easy polishing mineral and metal based plaster. A creamy, smooth material, it glides on easily across any substrate. StucoLux? Metallic has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful bright metallic finish.


StucoLux® Seal is a translucent clear mineral and modern age wax based material. A creamy, smooth material, it glides on easily across any substrate. StucoLux? Seal has very good interior and exterior durability and provides a translucent water resistant finish.


Olde World Marmorino® is an authentic old world lime based marble product with a slightly sandy texture that burnishes to a smooth luster.


Olde World Stucco Lustro® is a decorative, self-polishing lime based stucco. When applied correctly it will mimic the optical aspects and patterning of various types of marble. A creamy, smooth material that glides easily across any substrate, Olde World Stucco Lustro has breathability, versatility and beautiful chromatic gradations in the final finish.


Olde World Veneziano® is an authentic, ultra smooth Venetian plaster formulated for interior use. 


Venetian Gem® is a "marble plaster" developed to produce high quality multi-sheen finishes. Durable wear, high hide and chemical resistant. Polish or burnish to brilliant deep color sheens.


Venetian Gem® Bellissimo plaster is a marble plaster formulated to produce high quality plaster finishes. It is a light bodied, creamy plaster material that is easier to apply as a result of the products finer consistency.


Venetian Gem® Base Coat is a versatile plaster formulated to produce professional custom decorative plaster finishes. Providing the decorative artist with a variety of options, this adaptable product may be used to create lightly or heavily textured surfaces.


Venetian Gem® Clear Gloss Coat is a clear product that offers the ease of a trowel application and dries to a durable, water resistant, high gloss finish.


Venetian Gem® Finish Coat is a light bodied, translucent, decorative plaster material. Developed by Faux Effects International, Inc., Venetian Gem® Finish Coat is specially formulated to produce designer quality, old world plaster finishes.


Venetian Gem® Hi-Lite is an iridescent material that can be used to provide a satiny pearlescent effect over any of the products in the Venetian Gem® series.


Texture Coat is a light texture, with superior bonding and sealing qualities, make Texture Coat? an ideal base coat for Olde World Marmorino®,Olde World Veneziano®, Lusterstone® and Venetian Gem®.


TruTint Stone® is a thick textured material with the capacity to tint to a true deep color when combined with FauxCreme® Color tinting products.


Mica Glow Powders®  -  Powders with excellent reflective qualities that generate a dramatic luminosity when added to Olde World Venetian Wax® and applied over Olde World Marmorino® and Olde World Veneziano®.


LimeSlag® is an integral part of the Venetian Gem® family of products. The addition of Lime Slag to Venetian Gem® Plaster will result in a finish of increased beauty and brilliance as well as superior hardness.  


Old World Lime Paint® is a decorating material to apply over most all water-based painted surfaces, Stucco, or raw wood. After it dries, it continues to "leech", which brings out the oxidized color of the embedded lime material. Tint with FauxCreme® Color.


Stain & Seal® is a unique water-based gel-like stain. Just wipe on with cheesecloth or rag and Stain & Seal® both seals and stains in one simple operation.


Pro FX Custom Clear® is a slow drying, water based, resin formulated medium. Simply add color to custom stain new or pre-existing finishes.


Varnish Plus® is a water based pre-catalyzed conversion varnish with high standards of durability.


Verdigris Colors® Produce beautiful Old World verdigris patinas every time with our Verdigris kits.

Old World Designer Rust® Kit Have you ever wanted to apply an authentic rusted metal effect to decorative ironwork or metal accessories? 


Fabric Effects® are a water based fabric paint that penetrates deeply and fuses to all types of fabrics. 


PrimEtch® is a unique, semi-gloss clear coat bonding material developed for use as a first coat primer for those difficult to paint surfaces such as glass, tile, and plastic laminates. 


EZ-Kleen Concentrated spray gun cleaner for FX 2000® . Also may be used as a hand cleaner for SetCoat®


FX2000®Designed and manufactured specifically for the professional faux finishing contractor, the FX2000® HVLP spray system incorporates all of the design features most requested by the top faux finishers in the business today.




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