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Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing

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Sarasota School of Faux & Archtectural Finishing, Licensed Faux Effects Training & Distribution Studio
Donna Phelps, Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
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Professional Faux & Decorative Finishing for your home or office by Donna Phelps of Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing is located in Beautiful Sarasota, FL home of Ringling Museum and Home and beautiful beaches!
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 Faux Effects Gold Label Products 

The Faux Effects® Gold Products were developed specifically for the professional decorative painting contractor and skilled artisan working with ultra high quality decorative finishes. A true line of professional finishing products, developed by professionals, for professionals. No longer is it necessary to compromise your work by adapting general usage home owner paints and glazes to your purpose with qualities that can quickly turn a profitable job into a loss with very little warning.

The heart of the system is based on the Faux Effects® professional use product line combined with time saving professional finishing techniques developed specifically for the individual products. To ensure your success, these methods, techniques, products and the unique interaction between them are taught to you at the Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing by our  accomplished  Artisan/Instructor, Donna Phelps in our Faux Effects® Designer Wall Finishes Workshops.

If you are a seasoned decorative painting contractor or faux finishing professional, you simply cannot afford to be using anything but the best. See for yourself why the most accomplished and successful faux finishing contractors today are using the Faux Effects® professional finishing products.

These patented techniques and products are only available to professional contractors and finishing professionals who have successfully completed a Faux Effects® Designer Wall Finishes? Workshop and will not be sold to the general public. Faux Effects® Silver Label products are not restricted.

Gold Product Information


21st Century state of the art product for glazing. SLOW drying, easily manipulated, much more controllable than oil glazes, no odor, dries to a durable, tough non-yellowing finish. Use over SetCoat with FauxCreme Colors. Use FauxColor for a more vivid, ink-like effect.
Blending Solvent is a specially formulated synthetic polymer solvent created to be used in combination with FauxColor, FauxCreme Color, FauxCreme® Clear, and Activator II. This wonderful additive enhances the reactive capabilities of Activator II and may be used as a thinning agent for Faux Effects® colorants. It is an exceptionally useful reactive solvent for the creation of marble and color patterns.
Creme Activator is a product designed to work between separate layers of SetCoat®. This material
creates a poor bonding layer, allowing the artist to remove the upper layer of SetCoat® in decorative
patches, exposing the first or background color layer. The decorative result is a chipped or worn-off "old world" paint look.

Activator II is a unique reactive additive that excites color mixtures and alters the SetCoat substrate so that more dramatic positive/negative color effects can be achieved. Used in conjunction with Faux Crème Clear and Faux Crème Color, these three products form an unbeatable trio when used in the creation of marble, stone, embedded translucent color and other marvelous color reactive finishes.


Multi-base ink-like colorant that produces sharper, cleaner colors. It is truly a unique coloring material that will product the most sophisticated contemporary finishes, yet is refined enough for antique restoration. May be used with FauxCreme Colors® for color enhancement.

FauxCrème Color Concentrates have much more of the pigment concentration of standard FauxCrème Colors which results in greater opacity making it a superb tool for refined furniture finishing projects. FauxCrème Color Concentrate allows the artist to create heavily pigmented mediums, wiping stains and almost opaque glazes.

Olde World Crackle Pull-Off  produces an irregular-patterned finish of painted crackle material. This gives the appearance of age similar to FauxStone Pull-Off, but with patched or worn-off crackle exposing the underling color as a result.

Olde World Patched Crackle involves the use of special Faux Effects® products and systems. The end result of this finish is an irregular pattern of painted crackle material. This gives the finish the appearance of age similar to Faux Effects® Pull-Off FauxStone but with a patched or worn off crackle exposing the underling color as a result.

RsActivator is the core creation of the Reactive Series? line of products. A totally unique innovation, this amazing solution is added to the other Rs products creating a series of cleanly removable materials that provide the artisan with complete control over their creative medium.
RsCrete® is a superior formulation that incorporates advanced polymer technology, creating a concrete-like material suitable for interior and exterior applications. All RsCrete® grades are translucent in nature, but are tintable and versatile. All RsCrete® grades will form a beautiful, durable veneer over any properly prepared substrate, especially concrete. The product is made in four (4) basic grades: Base coats - RsCrete® Coarse (coarse texture) and RsCrete® (standard grade with medium light texture); finish coats - RsCrete® Fine (very light texture) and RsCrete® Metallic Tint Base, which is more reflective allowing for the addition of metallic powders and liquids.
RsGlaze is a revolutionary new product that provides the faux artisan with complete control over the finish. The decorative artist now has the ability to improve or touch up work that previously would have been unworkable. This versatile, heavy bodied glaze dries clear and is normally used in conjunction with RsActivator. It is the first truly removable and re-workable glaze.
RsGranite, a two color fine grained material, simulates the look and feel of real granite. Available in several granite color variations, this unique product can produce a wide variety of original stone-like finishes when used in combination with other Faux Effects® materials.
RsPlaster is an amazing plaster formulation that is easy to apply and remove, resulting in better pattern formation and a more realistic marble finish. When used in conjunction with RsActivator, silky smooth
RsPlaster allows the artisan to effortlessly create cavities and natural looking shapes that can be burnished to a high shine similar to Veneziano. RsPlaster can be further enhanced by layering with other Faux Effects® products, Rs Water Wax and MicaGlow Powders.
RsSandstone is a product with special characteristics that allow it to be easily applied over knockdown textures, smoothing and leveling the wall or ceiling surface. The material's translucent white coloration and anti-collapse formulation make it eminently suited for this purpose. The crushable sand-like aggregate is actually tiny hollow stones that allow the product to be utilized in a number of decorative ways. Similar to the other products in the Rs Series line, RsSandstone can be mixed with RsActivator to easily create unique, textured effects.
RsStone, a gritty, textured substance, is an excellent product for the formation of rustic stone-like finishes. It can also be utilized as a grainy base coat prior to the application of other smooth, more finely milled products. Used in conjunction with RsActivator, this material provides the artisan with absolute control during the application process. This product's capacity for easy manipulation is a definite asset in the development of any decorative finish.
RsTravertino has been specifically formulated to provide the artisan with a product that simulates cut, unpolished Travertine. This dimensional, easy to use material can also be used in any number of creative applications. It works extremely well as a base layer when using RsPlaster or RsStone.
Rs WaterWax is a finely milled wax that can be applied without leaving any trace of the application method. This wax is so unique and of such high quality that it results in a finish that is beautiful to the eye as well as the touch. Rs WaterWax is a fabulous final touch to any decorative finish.

Olde World Fresco®
The look and feel of Old World fresco plaster. A translucent, dimensional coating which dries to a hard, durable finish. Tint with FauxCreme Colors.


O'Villa® Finishing Plaster
Versitile plaster finishing material with a variety of uses. Produces Old World plaster walls, also used for furniture finishes, metal work coatings, etc. May be brushed or troweled.

O'Villa® Sabina
Exceptionally beautiful, versatile product that contains marble dust and contrasting sand-like particles. Creamy to the touch and a delicate off-white color. Apply by trowel, can be manipulated to create subtle, embedeed sand effects or bold patterns. Easy to compress and burnish, glides easily across most surfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of looks from contemporary to Old World.
O'Villa® Finishing Wax
A hard wax polymer used to topcoat Olde World Fresco work and O'Villa Finishing Plaster. Gives an Old World waxed wall look. It is a synthetic wax that can be re-coated without stripping. It may be colored with Faux Effects colorants.

A fabulous translucent product, which when dry, provides the look of quartz or cameo stone surfaces. A rich look for columns, table bases, slate type floors and stonewalls. Tint with Deco colors.


Olde World Pigments are specially formulated, high pH colorants, which make them eminently suited for use with lime-based products. These concentrated pigments provide coloring strength and disperse easily. Unlike universal tints, which may adversely change color or regular water-based tints that may fade over time, Olde World Pigments? remain true and vibrant. Available in 11 old world colors, they are the best choice for producing gorgeous natural coloration in a wide variety of lime-based materials.
Olde World Quartz Priming Coat is an excellent product for painting all types of interior/exterior surfaces such as rendered mortars, concrete, gypsum plasters, etc. The material forms a thin coating with an attractive matte finish. Perfect for repainting existing textured substrates, Olde World Quartz Priming Coat can also be used as a colored base coat under a variety of textured finishes, in order to prime the substrate, simplify application and promote good adhesion.
Olde World Texture Coat Florentine is a textured, lime-based coating that is easy to apply and can be used as a textured base under subsequent lime products. This product is excellent for creating rustic, antiqued plaster and a variety of decorative effects that can be used in both interior and exterior applications.
Olde World Lime Based Paint is a natural lime-based material that produces exquisite decorative finishes that are environmentally sound. Historically, lime-based materials have an ageless quality and have been used for centuries. Olde World Lime Based Paint? maintains that quality, but actually improves in appearance with age. The texture and coloring that can be achieved has a depth and splendor that can only be found in a lime based material.



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